Residential Electrical Services

KPL has a team of trained and capable apprentices and journeyman to provide quality installation for all your residential needs.  KPL can design and install complete electrical systems for your home.  We provide state of the art lighting and controls.  We're always continuing our education to better understand the leading technology in the ever changing world of LED lighting.  KPL  will always provide a safe install and insure the homeowner of a safe and maintenance free electrical system. 

New Construction

Keweenaw Power & Lite will provide clean, efficient, professional wiring for your new home.  We also provide smart technology which includes wifi controls of your lighting.

Smart Technology for Today's Homeowner

KPL offers smart technology for your peace of mind and home efficiency.  Including wifi connected security system and cameras along with lighting controls.  SPAN panels track energy usage, can be operated from your smart phone and are excellent in conjunction with solar power and electrical vehicle charging stations.

Home Wiring

Keweenaw Power & Lite provides quality, professional, clean and up-to-date residential wiring for your home.  We can update your existing knob and tube and outdated wiring.  We offer smart technology with automated switching and wifi controls for your home.

Service Upgrades

To keep up with increased electrical usage demand, KPL will install new overhead or underground services to upgrade your existing service.