Home Wiring

Keweenaw Power & Lite, will provide excellent service for all your electrical needs in your home. 

Buying a new home and questioning the electrical wiring?  KPL's qualified technicians will perform an electrical inspection and evaluation to put your mind at ease. 

Custom Lighting

Keweenaw Power & Lite designed, built and installed this fixture in Lac La Belle Michigan.

Knob and Tube Wiring

Keweenaw Power & Lite can upgrade your outdated knob and tube wiring to bring it up to code and remove any potential hazards throughout your home electrical system. 

Upgrading Existing Panel

Installation of the new SPAN panel.  This panel offers high tech inovation to allow homeowners to selectively operate electrical loads with your smart phone.  This SPAN panel tracks your energy usage and is excellent in conjunction with solar power and electrical vehicle charging stations.